Bulk Plants

SM Construction built its reputation on services related to petroleum terminals, marine terminals and commercial construction in the petroleum industry. Since 1979, SM Construction’s unique expertise has extended throughout Québec, Ontario, the Maritimes and Northern Canada.

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A rigorous work methodology, highly competent skilled labour and equipment on the technological cutting edge make the Bulk plants Department the leader in its business lines.

Construction Sites

For construction sites, our different teams of experts can meet the following needs:

  • Underground and above-ground bulk plants
  • Aviation fuel terminals (B 836)
  • Port terminals
  • Northern petroleum terminals (mines, northern villages, military…)
  • Installation and connection of hydrogen production and distribution equipment
  • Lubricatiaon stations
  • Upgrade of thermal power stations (Hydro-Québec)
  • Calibration Weights and Measures Canada
  • railway depot
  • Tank cleaning and degasification for different fuels, oils and bunker
  • Tank repair
  • Replacement of tank bottoms
  • Installation, inspection and repair of hydrocarbon separators
  • Inspection and recommendations for installation upgrade
  • Inspection and repair of floating roofs
  • Inspection and installation of welded pipes

SM Construction is renowned for its prefabrication offering for the Bulk plants Department. This service, almost unique in Québec, allows us to offer a customized and, above all, turnkey service. Our team designs the manufacturing drawings and installs the project.

Your construction mandate is carried out in a controlled environment, allowing quick and safe fulfillment and better quality.  This construction method lets you save up to 50% in on-site execution time for the majority of projects, and even up to 75% of the time for prefabricated modules.

In prefabrication, we can carry out the following projects:

  • Pumphouse
  • Bunkering cabinets
  • Pumping platforms and units
  • Loading and unloading racks
  • Pipe sections for on-site installation
  • Piperack
  • Custom projects

Petroleum terminal maintenance and calibration

SM Construction’s Bulk plants Department offers maintenance and calibration services.

During its maintenance visits, our team carries out a complete inspection of the petroleum terminals, calibration of your meters for your inventory needs and Weights and Measures Canada certification.

It also conducts a complete inspection of the grounds, the thermal stress relief, the automatic gauging system, monitoring of conditions and fuel separators according to the RBQ standard. Finally, it inspects the hoses according to the Transport Canada standard.

In the event a repair is necessary (pump, loading arm, measuring equipment, etc.), SM Construction takes care of it promptly.


The Petroleum Terminals Departments holds several certifications that allow their team to offer reliable quality service:

  • Welding procedure for high pressure welding in the shop and on site according to ASME
  • Section IX, SMAW process for black steel and SMAW + GTAW for stainless steel
  • Welding procedures approved for Nunavut and for other Canadian provinces
  • Pressure vessel certification for our Modular Construction Division
  • ISO:9001 Certification

Our workers also have qualifications for work, monitoring and rescue in confined spaces. Quality control is extremely high for each of our mandates. Depending on our client’s needs, we can provide all the end-of-project documentation.