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Being part of SM Construction means working in collaboration with an experienced, young and dynamic team who puts in priority a working atmosphere. SM Construction is a team united by a sense of belonging to a major company in the region, founded by local people and destined to last for generations to come.

A healthy work environment


Regaining energy and team spirit.

Treadmills, bodybuilding multi-station, stationary bikes and more. Train in the morning, at noon or at the end of the day, improve your physical fitness, reduce your stress and develop new affinities with colleagues.

Lunch room

Friendly relaxation.

With its neutral colours and modern design, this informal gathering place comes alive at noon. This is a perfect place to clear your mind, interact with colleagues and enjoy yourself. A little boost of energy to get back to work.

Dynamic offices

Break up sedentary work.

Adjustable height desks let you change from sitting to standing without interrupting your tasks. These dynamic and ergonomic workstations, greatly appreciated by our employees, help limit postural demands caused by seated work.

Conference rooms

A marriage of technology and versatility.

Removable furniture and mobile partitions allows a personalized space configuration. With their interactive boards, large windows and kitchen, the conference rooms have everything it takes to make team moments pleasant and dynamic. Quality resources for all.

Our benefits

Our values


Alone, we achieve objectives. Together, we exceed them.


Our consideration for human relations is a priority.


We don’t settle for what we know how to do – our optimistic vision takes us farther.


We’re known for our actions and the way we operate.


Our team is composed of visionaries and builders. By joining forces and combining our knowledge, we achieve excellence.

Joining the SM Construction family means participating in the success of projects of a fast-growing company.

Are you ambitious? Do you thrive on challenges? Now is your time to shine!

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  • Max. file size: 25 MB.
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“For 20 years, I have worked for a company who continually strives to excel. It encourages its employees to do the same, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of professional development and autonomy.”

Guillaume, project manager

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